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Exterior wall with natural stone cladding
• Built-up cladding The stone cladding constitutes an additional wall, which is in contact with the main wall of the building. The two walls are connected with a layer of strong cement mortar. The stone cladding is continuous throughout the surface of the main wall and it can either cover the faces of the concrete slabs or leave them exposed. • Cladding with the use of mortar The stones are fixed on the wall with adhesive cement mortar. Depending on the arrangement of the stones and the method of joining them, the final surface can either appear continuous or have a more “textured”, “rough” appearance. The stability of the cladding can be reinforced with the use of a mesh in the middle of the special mortar layer. • Mechanical fixing This method is recommended when a building’s envelope is renovated as it simultaneously improves the wall’s thermal performance. Part of the gap between the wall and the cladding will be preserved in order to provide ventilation and the rest will be filled with insulation boards.
Natural stone wall cladding for low-rise buildings (height < 8 m).

1. Rubble stone.
2. Anchorage.
3. Cement mortar.
4. Stainless steel wire mesh.
5. Insulation.
6. Bricks (7.5 or 9,0 cm thick).
7. Insulated layer.
8. Internal coating (e.g. plaster 2,0 cm thick).
9. Ceiling plaster.
10. Load bearing concrete slab.
11. Wood floor fixing beams (4-8 cm thick)
12. Planking
13. Parquet (1,8 - 2,2 cm thick).
14. Skirting board. Natural stone wall cladding for high-rise buildings (height > 8 m).

1. Rubble stone.
2. Anchorage.
3. Cement mortar.
4. Thin layer of stone.
5. Stainless steel wire mesh.
6. Insulation.
7. Bricks (7.5 or 9.0 cm thick).
8. Internal coating (e.g. 2.0 cm thick plaster).
9. Ceiling plaster.
10. Load bearing concrete slab.
11. Smoothing layer (e.g. 5-9 cm of cement mortar)
12. Planking
13. Parquet (1.8 – 2.2 cm thick).
14. Skirting board.

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