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Petros Papaioannou, Civil Engineer, Polytechnic University of Thessaloniki

  • Establisher and Managing Director of a Construction and Property Management Company operating since 1980
  • Establisher and Managing Director of KTIRIO Editions Company operating since 1986. Publisher of the pioneer technical magazine named KTIRIO, which promotes high technology in constructions, new building materials and beneficial professional partnerships among construction companies.
    Dimitra Tsiora -Papaioannou, Architect Engineer, Polytechnic University of Thessaloniki
Active member of a Technical Office and Construction Company as an Architect Engineer since 1982
Co - establisher and Editor in Chief of the pioneer technical magazine named KTIRIO since 1986. Managing Director of magazine’s ‘’High Technology in Constructions’’ Department that has achieved numerous noteworthy collaborations with specialist professionals from all sectors of the construction industry.

This site, created in 2012, is addressed to thousands of specialist professionals and interested investors worldwide and has been developed by the technical magazine ΚΤΙRΙΟ, which has been published in Greece since 1986.
The aim of this initiative is to highlight the outstanding evolution of the construction industry in Greece and its further potentials for development, as Greek architects, engineers, construction firms and building supply companies are ready to work in partnership with you on any project and in any country where that is feasible.
Of course, this site only includes some of the best professionals and companies operating in Greece and some of the many quality buildings that today adorn Greece’s built environment. This database will be updated constantly with new projects and new professionals.
It also includes new architectural projects with photographs and drawings of technical construction details, as guidelines to produce high quality structures and to avoid poor workmanship in buildings. 

Through GREEK REAL ESTATE greek companies express their interest in serious partnership, selling property or construction investments in Greece.

Using the SAFE PARTNER you can also express your interest in investments, purchases or partnerships in Greece. KTIRIO hopes to become a useful and trustful consultant for you, and to stimulate your interest in all relative services it provides.
Furthermore, a specialized department can offer high quality techno economic consultation, relying on the 30 years of KTIRIO expertise in professional partnerships in the construction industry. This service particularly refers to future investors in Greece, that are about to make serious decisions in real estate affairs and need a consultant of trust. 

We are committed to providing superior level and personalized economic, technical and legal services, oriented to fields like:

  • Complete integration of contact agreements regarding to new construction projects, Complete supervision of new construction projects
  • Complete integration of real estate contracts

KTIRIO - technical magazine

KTIRIO was the first technical journal published in Greece in 1986 to successfully promote building technology. It is a monthly journal in circulation nationwide. The journal is based in Thessaloniki but also has distribution offices in Athens.

Thanks to its long background in the field, with the assistance of its scientific team comprised exclusively of specialised engineers, the journal has managed to become a channel for conveying information about building materials and new technologies used in buildings. It has also become a channel for promoting professional partnerships.
The journal’s up-to-date, scientifically supported, technical information and subject matter has meant that it has become a useful tool for anyone building and has earned the trust of the technical world in Greece who ranked it the No. 1 read in the construction sector.

The journal sells around 6,000 copies a month, 4,500 of which are annual subscriptions (construction and consultant companies) and the others are sold at key kiosks and bookshops all of Greece.

KTIRIO is primarily bought and used by specialists and experts such as:
* Architects
* Civil engineers
* Electrical engineers
* Interior designers, students and individuals building their own property.